China launches app for citizens to report anyone who has ‘mistaken opinions’ or ‘denies the excellence of socialist culture’

China launches app for citizens to report anyone who has ‘mistaken opinions’ or ‘denies the excellence of socialist culture’

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  1. Dope! Now I can raise my score and shoot down my neighbors’ scores! Leaderboard here I come! Fuck my neighbor who said my gaming skills were so bad I’d never amount to anything, let’s see how you like your jail time, bitch!!!

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > China has launched a new app that will allow citizens to report others who criticise the ruling Chinese Communist Party or question its account of history online.

    > An arm of Cyberspace Administration of China said the app and hotline will allow and encourage netizens to report fellow internet users who spread 'mistaken opinions' online in order to create a 'good public opinion atmosphere'.

    > According to a New York Times report in February, a public spreadsheet detailing speech crimes in China shows over 2,000 times when the Chinese government punished people for what they said online and offline over the past eight years.

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  3. Is there any other newspaper or source talking about this app? I searched but couldn’t find one. I just want the name of the app or photos or the statement that was released on Friday, according to the article.

  4. Reminds me of how people who escape from North Korea say that they had to keep their illegal opinions to themselves because they couldn’t even trust their own families to not turn them in.

  5. Whoever got behind this constant bringing to light of chinese government shit, please continue so the world can see how disgusting they truly are.

    I know there are a fair few people here who don’t want us to know about it; maybe even a mod or two.

    Maybe one day we will free the chinese people of their horrible government. But knowledge is the first step.

  6. Is China really even socialist? From what I understand of China the workers don’t own the means of production, it’s just a capitalist economy with an incredibly strong authoritarian central government.

  7. Ah yes

    There’s an app now.


    And wtf is “mistaken opinions” supposed to mean? Opinions aren’t facts and that means all opinions are equally neither true or false

  8. Just my personal experience, but living in China the last three years has shown me that most Chinese people just live their day to day lives. They support the party because their family’s finances have improved many fold over the past 50 years, but don’t care enough to actively involve themselves in shit like this

  9. Not saying I doubt it, but can anyone find the original source or even a more reliable one? Daily Mail isn’t either of those. Also couldn’t find any notice on the Cyberspace Administration of China’s site but that’s maybe bc it’s not that great a site to use

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