Cow catcher: rescuers use female to lure runaway bull that escaped slaughter | New York

It’s the oldest trick in the book – but will it turn out to be BS?

Rescuers in New York have brought in a cow to try to lure back a bull that ran away from a farm earlier this week where it was awaiting slaughter.

Suffolk county police said the bull broke through a fence at Manorville Farm on Tuesday morning in Mastic, on Long Island to the east of New York City, and still has not been found, Newsday reported.

The bull was first spotted around 8.30am on Tuesday in Mastic by some startled residents.

The animal, weighing 1,500lb, was spotted in the yards of multiple homes on Tuesday. Social media users shared sightings of the bull throughout the day, the newspaper said.

Police and other animal rescue agencies are still attempting to capture it.

“We’re here on horseback with lassos, and we’re just trying to get him before any accident, before any kind of damage is done to him or anybody else,” Frank Floridia of the Strong Island Animal Rescue group said.

Another group, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature, said they had a “tranquilizer gun ready to secure him”.

But that group was also trying something potentially more potent – a cow.

Night vision video from Tuesday night shows crews as they found the bull but were unable to secure him in the dark.

They plan to set up a bait station on Thursday morning. Once captured, the bull will be taken to a sanctuary in New Jersey, CBS reported.

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