Cramer: “It has a gigantic short position… AVOID this battleground stock..”

Cramer: “It has a gigantic short position… AVOID this battleground stock..”

Cramer: "It has a gigantic short position… AVOID this battleground stock.." from wallstreetbets

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  1. The “Gigantic Short Position” Cramer is talking about…

    It’s approximately 19.42% of the float today, 21.07% on Friday with 33M out of 157M shares available…

    Someone is banking that the company doesn’t complete, or even updated shareholders on their solid state MEMS based [long range lidar]( which is based off of the [light engine which can be found in the Hololens 2](

    That same light engine that allows Microsoft to reach the unheard of [80degx40deg]( Field of View in their IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation Headsets) which recently won a [$21.88 Billion dollar contract]( from the US Army, for the next 10 years.

    The entire LIDAR sector has seen a focused short attack, but the one difference is that Microvision is seeing an unusual amount of darkpool activity as seen on []( which is showing a $309M dollar buy-side imbalance from the last 20 days.

    The shorts Cramer was talking about was also [Hindenberg Research]( which shorted the stock at $9… where it dropped to $5 then squeezed up to $24.

    I even made a video meme back in January while it was being shorted as Hindenberg has their shitty patent lawyer try to shit talk Microvision’s 480+ patents which they’ve accumulated over the past 20 years in business… only to delete all his tweets on twitter.

    [Hindenberg’s Downfall](

    Good luck to all longs… I didn’t hear no fucking bell Cramer, [although it’s the second time this idiot’s talked about Microvision](… my guess is he actually shorted MVIS back in December and got burned lol.

  2. One argument I keep seeing is that the stock already ran 4000% or whatever over a year. This company was struggling during Covid with product partners pulling out of deals. They have been spending money developing their best-in-class lidar over several years. The company was and still is being shorted into the ground for not having any revenue.

    The same shit was being pulled with GME, except because MVIS is a smaller company, shorts could really go to town and drag the share price into the dirt. The share price last year was NOT indicative whatsoever of the value of this company.

    Their lidar technology is ahead of any other lidar manufacturer (and yet MVIS has the lowest market cap), their technology is in Hololens2 (~$22billion army deal) and they have a fuck ton of patents (AR/VR & AV). Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, they all need their tech and MVIS is up for sale.

    The real value of MVIS is signifcantly higher than the current share price indicates and MVIS is ready this year to show what they got. Shorts better get out or they will get burnt hard.

    TLDR: Fuck shorts man.

  3. Also……this dude Cramer, doesn’t talk about MVIS tech or their prospects, he dives right into the short selling convo. Like, right out left field, dude. The caller asked about the company, not about the short sellers.

    Bullish AF

  4. This is the most explosive stock since GME. 28 million Wall Street Short Scum trying to destroy MVIS just the same way they tried to destroy GME. Diamond Hands have been holding MVIS for years because of the revolutionary technology they have patented. Wall Street Hedge Fund Scumbags can be defeated by WSB investors. MVIS is the next GME! Lets castrate the Wall Street Short Scum. MVIS is dirt cheap right now. Now is the time! Cramer called MVIS a “battleground stock” with a huge short position. We are at War. Lets destroy the shorts and make them LOSE their money!

  5. He blasted me on Twitter when I said “when Cramer says buy, I sell”. He called me out 4x after that in separate posts. He must have been having a bad day. 😏 Anyways, dark pools have accumulated over 300 million of MVIS. I’m staying in and buying more at this low. Calls would be a steal too. Thanks for posting the video excerpt. I was looking for it. Let’s get em 👏

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