Going into a boxing gym and challenging the trainer

Going into a boxing gym and challenging the trainer

Going into a boxing gym and challenging the trainer from Whatcouldgowrong

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  1. “You’ve never had this before brothahhh!?”
    “It’s your gym, this is your gym”
    “You think I’m here for no reason?!”

    You didn’t need to see his footwork before knowing this guy was a complete idiot.

  2. He doesn’t even know how to keep his guard up or jab let alone throw punch. Coach obviously knew this guy was full of shit straight away. Kudos to him for showing so much restraint.

  3. I just cant get my head around this. Surely this moron did not have bad intentions, this was just a really dumb way of trying to join up and start learning to box? Did he really think he could magically get in there and hang with the head coach despite clearly never having thrown a punch before? The delusion, it baffles the mind.

  4. I wrestled throughout high school and it’s not the same as boxing obviously, but it teaches you how to respect others and understand you aren’t the baddest guy in the room and how stupid it is to think so. I was a heavyweight and my 5’2 140 lb coach would regularly beat my ass, I don’t think I ever scored a point on him. It’s ridiculous and mind blowing that guys like this exist

  5. This dude progresses through being a tough guy, to jokester, to a drunk. Good character arc. He’s probably the same guy who will brag about this moment to his buddies.

  6. Damn, this brings me back. I basically grew up in a boxing gym (from 7th grade to high school graduation) and had a coach exactly like this guy. He was always ready to humble someone if necessary, but never went overboard or out of his way to do it.

    He used to lecture us all the time about picking fights with people we don’t know. He’d say something like “Look at me, I’m damn near 50 years old and could kick every one of your asses if I had to. But I don’t look like it.”

  7. Man one of the funniest things I ever seen was a similar situation to this.

    I was a trainer at an MMA gym. Me and another trainer were in the gym doing PTs with our clients so it was just 4 people in the gym.

    This car pulls up and one of the members kinda gets pushed out the passenger door by his wife and he comes into the gym looking pretty worked up and says “oi I need someone to beat me up” turns out he was drunk and got dropped off at the gym by his wife coz he was being a dickhead.

    I was working with my guy so I said nah man go see the other trainer, thinking the other trainer would say the same thing but the other trainer says sure man jump in and do some rounds with my client. I overheard this and thought wtf is he doing.

    So they get started and it’s a shit show, so the trainer stops it and says look mate you’re drunk why dont you just chill for a bit and then get your wife to come pick you up.

    He kinda wanders off to the weights section of the gym muttering to himself and it seems like everything is quietened down.

    Next thing I see is him setting up an Olympic bar with a shit tone of weight on the Bjj mats. This guy is tiny, like 5ft if he’s lucky.

    I’m thinking wtf man but I’m focussing on my client. Then boom I see this little fuck reef this bar up above his head as hard as he could but the bar travelled up and over his head and pulled his drunk ass off his feet and he just flew back and landed really hard on his back and bar came crashing down on his legs because they flew up in the air when he crash landed.

    We did what we should’ve done as soon as he arrived and called his wife and said come get your mess.

  8. I owned a boxing and MMA gym. We had people like this allllll the time come in and say they wanted to spar some of our guys. It’s hilarious because we would do this exact same thing with a lot of laughing in the background. Oh, I’d also have them sign a waiver before sparring.

  9. My man in blue had no technique in his stance or throws. If you guys asked how I know, no, I don’t do boxing, the reason I know is because that’s how I fight too.

  10. I used to box growing up. I always loved when these idiots would come in and run their mouth. Usually guys that had peeked in high school and were trying to show everyone how badass they still were. I’ll never forget one guy who was “state wrestling champ back in the day” came in and was running his mouth, our trainer put him in the ring with this chubby 15year old kid named Curtis, and Curtis beat the living shit out of this grown man. Knocked him down 3-4 times busted his nose open. Luckily for all of us that guy never came back and we didn’t have to hear anymore of his stories about his golden years.

  11. I used to box, actually met my wife at the gym. I just did it for cardio I have bad knees blah blah but just did it to stay in shape. The number of young guys that thought they could come in and dominate a person that had been training for years was hilarious. Happened probably once a month. They usually didn’t even survive the warm ups. This is a great coach and makes me want to get back in a boxing gym.

  12. It’s like climbing to the top of Kung-Fu Mountain to find a stone temple. In the middle of the largest room in the temple there is an ornate chair. Sitting in the chair is a man of unknown age with white hair, a white beard and wearing long white silk robes.

    You decide that this is the chump that you are going to challenge to a fight.

    And so begins the lesson.

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